Implaclean, the formula

Active oxygen

Implaclean contains Ardox-X active oxygen technology, made by Ardoz Research B.V. Active oxygen works as an oxygen donor. When applied, a controlled release of oxygen molecules takes place and penetrates deeply into the tissue. The active oxygen enhances wound healing, disinfects, prevents plaque and ensures healthy gums.

Moreover, it prevents and helps cure peri-implantitis, periodontitis, sensitive teeth, oral malodor and gives a whitening effect. The product also helps prevent teeth and implant discoloration.


Lactoferrin is an anti-inflammatory protein that, amongst other things, resides in milk. Combined with active oxygen, lactoferrin contributes to the anti-bacterial, anti-parasite and anti-viral function of the toothpaste. Lactoferrin also promotes bone cells and forming of bone, which can help the attachment process of the implant.

Neutral pH-value and low content fluoride

Titanium is a commonly used material for dental implants. There is a good chance that your implant is also made from titanium.

Regular toothpastes often contain a high concentration of fluoride and abrasives. Fluoride, pH-value and abrasives can damage a titanium implant. Abrasives can cause scratches on the surface of the implant in which bacteria can easily nest themselves. To avoid scratches and deterioration, Implaclean has a low concentration fluoride, neutral pH-value and no abrasives.


A fluoride concentration above 500 ppm, normal toothpastes have concentrations of 1000 – 1500 ppm, can be harmful for titanium. As almost all dental implants are made of titanium, this poses a threat. Fluoride is however useful and important for the natural teeth, because it strengthens the tooth enamel (the surface of the tooth, covering the crown). This battles tooth decay and wear. For this reason, we chose to add a low concentration of fluor (200 ppm) to the formula of Implaclean.

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